We typically test for polymer, filler and additive identification; thickness measurements of multi-layer films; identification of stains or discoloration; distribution of carbon black and other fillers;
Problems with plastic or polymer products often arise from a variety of manufacturing issues such as inadequate mixing, improper additive packages, poor temperature control, contamination or by-product formation. Since the industrial production of polymers and plastics involves the mixing of organic monomers, antioxidants, UV retardants and other additives along with inorganic pigments, tracking down the source of a failure or contaminant is often a difficult analytical problem.
We use state-of-the-art instruments and techniques to provide you with reliable results and provide expert analysis and consultation. All our services begin with an evaluation of your problem and samples, and continue with analysis.
Other methods used in this laboratory to determine the content of polymers and their additives are liquid and gas chromatography, solvent extraction, muffle furnace ashing, thermal analysis, elemental analysis and microscopic methods.