Green Globe Laboratories (GGL) is an independent third party testing laboratory. We offer professional analytical testing services for companies. We verify integrity of the products produced in the U.S or by out sourced manufacturers. We can help R&D for companies that want to formulate new products. Find root cause of failures for customers. We ask the right questions, listen to our clients and provide practical solutions. Results are provided in a timely manner to meet customer requirements. When needed we rush turnaround of testing and reporting.

With chemicals used in almost every product and facet of our daily lives, it is important to ensure they are produced efficiently and in compliance to regulatory standards. Possible health hazards need to be identified and assessed at every step of the global supply chain. With new challenges at every corner of your business from complex manufacturing to new governing requirements, GGL can ensure you get to market quickly and responsibly.
For all phases of your chemical products’ life cycle, our global network of scientists, inspectors, auditors, engineers and regulatory experts have the expertise and experience to assist you and your organization to comply with regulatory and safety requirements, manage risk, maintain product integrity, and meet sustainability and environmental goals. We help you test and analyze all things chemical, no matter how complex.

Chemical manufacturing itself can also be complicated with expensive infrastructures and specialist equipment. At GGL, we can test incoming raw material and in-process material to avoid product failure and support the overall cost effectiveness of your operations.